Taking your Dog on a Picnic

Taking your Dog on a Picnic

As the days roll by and we continue to stay at home for the most part at least, many of us are having short, close to home, adventures.  Of course, our dogs are going with us!  Below are some ideas to help make your dog's adventures safe and more fun for all.

First you must get to your destination.  It never hurts to be reminded about the risks of traveling with your best friend.  There are lots of charts and tables available online which show the temperature of the interior of your car based on the exterior temperature.  It is easier to just use this rule.  You can leave your dog in the car for no more than 5 minutes when the outside temperature is above freezing and below 70 degrees.  Anything outside of that is an absolute NO to leaving the dog in the car unattended with the car off, regardless of whether the windows are partially down or not.

Next, traveling, if you dog is a nervous traveler many people have success with a thunder type shirt. The compression seems to make some dogs feel more secure, and so, more comfortable. There are lots of over the counter, holistic preparations you can try along with some pharmaceuticals from your vet if need be.  Keep in mind, your dog will be less able to hike or swim or participate in your picnic activities if he must be “pharmaceutically helped” to go for a car ride.

OK, you have made it to your destination!  Never let your dog out of the car without a leash on.  You don’t know what the situation might be when you first get to the park, even if you have been there before.  We have the perfect extra leash you can leave in the car for just such an occasion.

Make sure you have your portable water and food bowl, if your dog will have lunch as you do.Even if there is no lunch for your pup, make sure you have a TOGO Bowl with the same water he drinks at home.  After some hiking or other picnicking activities, you want to make sure he will drink.  No dehydrated dogs at your picnic!

Of course, your poop bag and treats will also be needed.  You don’t want to leave any poop in any public area, and treats go without saying, you always need them!

Your dog will be quieter and more relaxed on the way home. You still want to make sure they are in their designated car area with a seat belt on or in their travel crate.  Always have same traveling routine.  This will also make your dog a better traveler in general.  Dogs like routine.

Home again.  Let your best friend rest and recover.  It's possible someone at home didn’t go with you and are ready to go outside with the dog.  Let them go alone.  The dog needs a break, just as everyone else does who went on the outing.

Enjoy this summer by going on close to home staycation jaunts, while staying safe by socially distancing.  Your dog will love the outings, as will you!