Fun and Useful

Here are a few things to help you plan activities with your dog and just have some fun.  All are applicable to any age dog lover!  


Print and play our Northwoods Animal Treats Word Jumble!  

Coloring Page

nwat-color-contest.jpgWe made a coloring scene for the people part of your household who need some entertainment! Print this fun page here and use your creativity to create a masterpiece. Please share it on our Facebook or Instagram page.  


Pet Planning

Use our NWAT blank calendar to help you keep track of your pets goals and projects.  Write your goal at the top.  Mark down in each day's box what you will do to move toward the goal.  When you have done your day’s activity, check it off.  Maybe check it off not with a check, with a paw print!  Read more about goals for your dog here...