Here's what some happy dog owners say about our products.

"Bear, our dog, was happy also! He loves it when the orders come in, he thinks they are sent to him the way he hovers over the boxes. He sampled the goodies and loved them all!"

"The gray dog is Rutgers, our dog. The black dog is named Higgins, and lives next door. Both dogs loved the treats! Thank you very much."

"Lucy is a hard working service dog, and she deserves the best. We only buy her North Woods Animal Treats. She just loves them! "

"Cinnamon simply does not eat treats. I brought a bear home because it was so cute, I couldn't resist it. And to my amazement, she gobbled it up! We buy bears regularly now, and are going to try a peppermint pine next week."

"Thank you for making these treats. I received them for my dog at Christmas from a family member and she loves them! After reading the packaging, I was all the more impressed as I have another family member who works in a sheltered workshop. These cookies are really special and I will be buying more of them!"

Cookie Reviews From Happy Dog Owners:

"The shape of the these cookies just cracks me up! Love the ingredients also. So fun!"

"I thought I had seen picky dogs until Homer, a chocolate Lab, entered my life. He has got to be the pickiest of the lot. But... when I bought him a Bacon & Egg Bone for a treat he went wild. Now I can't go to the store without bringing him one"

"Our goldendoodle, Gracie loves these large cookies! I like that they are individually wrapped, so they stay fresh longer. I have purchased these crates as gifts. The crates make a good container for dog stuff."

"Worth every penny! Our 12 year old husky Shepard mix LOVES the peanut butter bears and loudly voices her displeasure when the supply runs out...Thank you for making such an awesome healthy treat and such great service!"

"OK, I’ll admit we are a little dog squirely here. A group of us all take our big dogs out at the same time in the evening. It’s kind of like a club thing. Robo, our shepard, likes to socialize with the neighbors and he is a big guy and needs to get out of the house. I bought these cookies as treats for Robo and his buddies and I was a canine hero for $63 bucks! More than enough cookie treats for the animals and my human neighbors appreciated the gesture as well as the fact the cookies were healthy for their dogs. Home run for me and the dogs! I’ll be back!"

"When we leave the house we try to give Sox a treat so she won't be so sad to be alone for a few hours. When we started using the North Woods Animal Treats she was estatic! She wants us to leave all the time now!"

"Zippy loves his cookie! He never likes stuff like that but he went crazy over this one!"

"I got some of your treats as a present and my horses just loved them!"

"My friend Erica gave me some of your Holidog Treats and I must say my Silky Terrier absolutely loves them! I understand that you create these and they are actually "healthy" treats - AWESOME! My dog is aging (11 yrs) and I want to make sure she is eating healthy, nutritional foods and your treats fit the bill! Thank you! "

"These cookies were like catnip for our pugs! They almost fought over them. They especially liked the parmesan moose shape. And we love the fact that they are all natural and made with human grade ingredients."

"Our new five month old yellow lab puppy SNIFFLES loves the North Woods Animal Treats! Thank you for making such healthy treats for dogs! We are going to order more soon!"

"I recently went on a "healing trip" to Alaska with my 82 years young parents. I had to leave my protector, a 2 year old 104 lb Brindled Pit Bull that I had rescued when he was 3 months old. While in Alaska we bought him some of the North Woods Animal Treats and he LOVED THEM. I usually bake all his dog treats myself. Oberon loves them but not as much as the North Woods treats!"

"Your dog cookies are the best! Our furry friends love the Peanut Butter Bear and Bacon and Egg Bone the best. Thank you North Woods Animal Treats for making a quailty product!"

"Well we used these really neat cookies for pet stocking stuffers and they went over huge! Our neighbor’s dogs loved them and so did the neighbors! I am a neighborhood hero! Will be back for more!"

"We have a new puppy and she quickly learned where we kept the bacon and egg treats versus the 'other' bisquits! I had to order more after Christmas."

"Our 11 year old St. Bernard, Elaine, absolutely loved the Parmesean Moose. I am ordering 1/2 dozen of the mixed to see if she loves all of them. Soooo Cute!!!"

"Picked up just one Trail Mix Trout at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake New York and I've never seen my dog go so crazy for any treat before. We broke it up because they are quite big. I'll have to purchase more for his Christmas present!!!"

"We were visiting Yellowstone National Park and found the Bacon Buffalo cookies in one of the stores.  We have a miniature bull terrier who has a sensitive stomach, so we try to find natural treats for her.  She loves these cookies.  We even drove back to Yellowstone from Grand Teton just to purchase more!"

Here's what our customers have to say about our amazing cat products.

"My cat is not a young cat but it is great to see her play like a kitten again. I have recently bought 2 new balls, but the first is her favorite. I just gave her the original squished ball again and just watched it fly through the air."

"I am writing to express my appreciation of your Nip n' Toy product. More to the point, I am writing to express my cat Sabrina's appreciation. I adopted Sabrina last fall and have bought her many different types of toys but yours is the first she actually plays with. I can hear the bell ringing as the bats it around right now. I don't know what you did, but good work."

"Oh my! Adele loves your catnip! I have tried other "premium" brands and most get her a bit too hyped up... your brand just makes her mellow and chillin! Thank-you for an awesome product that is good for my shelter kitty!"
"My two cats go crazy for this cat nip, and don't even like the others I have tried!
"I purchased your cat nip at the Goodwill store in Williston, Vermont and had to write and tell you that my Oscar LOVES it! He's picky about his cat nip, so that you for such a great product."
"My cat is 16 y/o and has very little interest in anything beyond sleeping and her food dish. When she sniffed this catnip, she turned into the once vibrant feline of old. Thank you North Woods!"