Spring Shedding and ways to handle it

Spring Shedding and ways to handle it

Welcome spring! Spring means all kinds of great things; more daylight hours, warmer temperatures, new plant growth. Another kind of new growth can be seen in your pet’s coat. Animals shed seasonally. When the days get longer and the temperatures moderate, our pets shed their winter coats. This thinner coat helps the animal adapt to the higher temperatures of the coming months.

As most of our pets spend more and more time as inside animals, they begin through the generations to shed a bit less aggressively. In previous times, most dogs and cats were working animals, whether it was helping herd the farm animals or ridding the barns of vermin, they spent most or all their time outside. Growing a longer, thicker coat for the winter and a thinner, shorter coat for the summer was the norm. Some dogs and cats still “blow” their coats when the seasons change. However, many of our primarily indoor pets still shed, but not in as an aggressive manner. No matter how little the new season shedding is, it always seems like it is a lot of shedding and that it goes on for a long time!

The best ways to deal with a shedding pet is to brush it regularly. There are many different types of brushes on the market today. All will work if it can get through all the hair to the pet’s skin. There are popular brushes out there than cut the top of the hair coat off. In most cases, these are not a good idea. They don’t help shed out the older dead hair and with the top of the hair cut off, the coat will never have the shine it would have if it was left intact. Use an old-fashioned brush that will get through all the coat down to the pet’s skin. A healthy coat starts with healthy skin.

Healthy skin starts with a good quality ingredient, balanced diet. Treats should also be made of high quality, and we think, human grade, ingredients. If your pet needs to eat a grain free diet, make sure it also eats grain free treats. Check out our GRAIN FREE Nibbles, roasted duck flavor, at https://northwoodsanimaltreats.com/nibbles-grain-free/

Bathing is another great way to help reduce the amount of hair shed at one time and the amount of time it takes to shed the coat. According to Dr. Shawn Messonnier, DVM, “Many still believe the old wives’ tale that says you shouldn’t bathe your dog more than once or twice a month. According to some, more frequent bathing might harm your dog’s skin or coat. This is nothing more than a myth and is not based upon any medical fact.” So, bathe away, either in your tub or at your professional groomers.

There are many vacuums now that have a pet attachment. If your pet will allow you, they can be a great help in pulling out the dead hair before it falls onto the floor. Many pets, both dogs and cats love to be vacuumed! And, it will always make you smile!

Don’t stress about the shedding, a shedding coat means new! New daylight, new plant growth, new outdoor activities and a beautiful new coat for your pet!