Skin Allergies and Remedies

Skin Allergies and Remedies

This spring, more than ever, seems to be bad news in terms of allergies, both for pets and humans. There are things we can do for our pets at home which can help. Read on to find out about solutions!

The first thing to consider is if the itchy situation started with the beginning of the spring thaw or if it is a year round problem. If your pet is itchy all year, it is probable that he has a food allergy. The easiest way to test this is to change his food, making sure that the ingredient list is different than what was in his old food. Keep in mind, that he can develop allergies to ingredients that he never had problems with in the past. In other words, just because he has eaten the same food for his whole life, doesn’t mean the food isn’t the source of the problem.

Many pets are allergic to insect bites. There are many pharmaceutical options to choose from that will repel and kill biting insects. They last for at least 30 days. There are also more and more natural wipes and sprays that use essential oils. These need to be applied at least once a day, or optimally, every time the pet goes outside. Love the natural option; but if you realistically won’t keep up with regular applications, it may be more important that your pet is insect bite free.

Apple cider vinegar is often talked about for itchy pets. People both add it to the pets water and wash or spray the coats. It is said to help restore the acidic nature of the skin, from the outside and from the inside out.

Adding Vitamin E to the pet’s diet is a common supplement to help restore the skin and hair of both people and pets. Make sure you ask your vet how much is safe to add to your pet’s diet.

Shampoo and shampoo bars come with all kinds of ingredients to sooth the skin and help with itching. Soothing Coat has 85% organic ingredients, is unscented, and contains oatmeal and Shea butter, both ingredients said to help with red, itchy skin.  To find out information about ordering the Soothing Coat go to

Taking your dog to a groomer, even if he doesn’t have a coat that needs to be clipped, can be beneficial to the health of his coat. He will get a through bath, more thorough than he may get at home and your groomer will have products to help with his itching.

Your vet, of course, is a good place to go with questions about allergies and an itchy coat. She will also have pharmaceuticals to systemically reduce itching, which can be a life saver.

Don’t let your pet suffer through a season or seasons with an uncomfortable itchy coat, ears and paws. There are many things you can investigate and try. He and you will be grateful you did!