Keeping your dog active in the cold

Keeping your dog active in the cold

The holidays are over, the decorations are all put away. What now? Curl up on the couch and binge Netflix for 8 weeks? Your dog says no! There are lots of things you can do to keep your dog’s physical and mental condition from hibernating. It is good for you also!

A walk in the winter can be very invigorating! You feel extra accomplished when you have completed your hike. Make sure your dog has a coat on, if he is short coated or feels the cold. The point is some exercise; he won’t want to go with you if he is uncomfortable. Check his paws when you come back in. There is salt and chemicals on the roads and your dog, nor you, want to bring that into the house. Soothing Paws is a great product to apply to his paws when he comes in from the outside. It is unscented and loaded with moisturizing ingredients that will keep his paws in good condition. Because it is in a giant chap stick like tube, you can apply it to the dog and not get any on you! Check it out at

If you have big dog or a breed that is known for sledding, you can investigate how to introduce your dog to this great sport. Google dog sledding or Skijoring in your area. These folks are thrilled to share their sport with you! Even if your dog simply pulls a small person on a sled, it is fun for all!

Do you use your treadmill? Your dog can use it also! Introduce him slowly with lots of North Woods Animal Treats as incentives to get on it and walk. Don’t tie him to it, like you see on the videos, until, and ony if, he totally understands what is expected of him, and never use a slip leach. This is supposed to be fun. Once he understands he just walks, (and gets treats), he will love it!

What about some stair work? Good for both of you! You can also practice your obedience, or introduce some obedience, while incorporating the stairs. Your dog can stay behind you, stay in front of you, or wait for you as you go up or down the whole flight. Even a short session of obedience with stair climbing will result in a more relaxed dog who has gotten both a physical and mental work out.

Make an appointment with your local dog trainer for a class that either reviews what your dog has already learned or introduces a new skill. Your dog will get to interact with the other dogs in attendance, so will have exercised both his body and his mind.

Did you know you can go to doggy day care for just one day a week or even half a day? Winter may be a great time to introduce your dog to day care. Almost guaranteed he will be tired when he gets home. Some day cares will even pick up and drop off your dog.

There are lots of activities you can do with your dog to keep the winter blues away. Then, it is onto the couch, a blanket and the remote control…..