I love you! In Cat Language

I love you! In Cat Language

Cats are very subtle in their communication, both with each other and with us.  Sometimes their language is crystal clear, like when hissing, "BACK OFF!", but more often, they express themselves in small ways through their body and activity.If you aren’t paying close attention, you might miss the message.

Following are some common ways your cat is telling you they accept you, they are willing to let you be at their beck and call, they love you!

If your cat is a bit standoffish and isn’t the quickest to jump onto your lap when you sit down, they still may be telling you how much they love and accept you by coming to greet you when you come home.  They may just be in the room with you or, appear and disappear again, when you walk in the door.  They came to tell you they are happy you are home!

Along those same lines, if you cat hangs in the same room with you or follows you around the house, even if they aren’t touching or sitting on you, they are telling you they want to be with you and share your space.

Of course, a talking cat is a cat telling you something.  If all the daily needs are more than taken care of, they may just be saying, "I love you!"

A present is a sure-fire sign that your cat loves you.  Has your cat ever left you a dead small animal?  Mine used to leave them right in front of the door or in the middle of the kitchen floor.  She wanted to make sure I couldn’t miss them.  (Miss Kitty was not always sure I was smart enough to see and appreciate the gift she worked so hard to obtain.).

Cat tails have a language all to themselves.  If you cat hangs with you and has a question mark shape to his tail, he is telling you he is comfortable and secure, which equals, I love you.  A tail that is straight up, but not in a tense way, also says he is secure and happy, which equals, I love you!  When in doubt, look at the tail!

Does your cat throw herself down on the floor and show you her tummy?  This is her saying she trusts you enough to be in the most vulnerable position possible for a cat.  When her tummy is exposed, all her vital organs are available.  She would never do this in any situation she was not confident in.  In other words, if she shows you her tummy, she loves you!

Isn’t it fun when you cat kneads you?  It kind of tickles.  This is what your kitten did to his mom when he wanted to nurse.No longer a kitten, if they still do it, it means they are right where they want to be, with you, are happy, and they love you!  This is one of the easiest way's cats tell us they love us.It is hard to miss, you both see it and feel it.

Ever wonder why you cat licks you?  It is him grooming you.  If he licks you, he is taking care of you.  He loves you!  Sometimes you must redirect the grooming as those cat tongues are rough!  But, it is clear what is going on, he loves you!

Face rubbing and head butting are also easy to spot.  When you cat rubs her face on you or on your furniture or clothes, she is marking you as her own.  Same thing if she head butts you.  Each cat has its own set of pheromones and by putting hers on you and your possessions, she is telling the world you belong to her and she loves you!

Lastly, another sign you cat is saying he loves you is one you may miss if you aren’t paying attention.  Slow eye blinking is your cat says as clearly as he can, I love and accept you!  Cats meet others they are not familiar with only with an unblinking stare.If you blink back slowly, cats usually blink back again.It can go on for a while, and your cat will love it!

There are many ways your cat tells you he or she loves you.We just must be present and aware enough to see, listen, and feel it!  Share with us how your cat lets you know he or she loves you!