Choosing a dog breed for outdoor activities

Choosing a dog breed for outdoor activities

Jul 25th 2018

If you spend anytime in the outdoors, working, hiking, boating, or running, your experience will be enhanced with a k9 partner to accompany you. However, it is important to have the right breed, or cross breed to make your time outside pleasant.

Before we talk about which breeds are the best choice for your activity, it must be said that dogs are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. A healthy dog you are going to take outside is almost always happier in colder weather than in hotter weather. Always veer on the side of caution when deciding if you should take your dog with you for an outside activity. Especially when your partner gets up in years, safe is always better than sorry!

If you are a serious runner, it is hard to get a better partner than a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They are not a huge dog, about 60 – 80lbs full grown, making them easier to transport. They are from Africa and bred to run down lions. Their stamina is incredible! They can be a bit stubborn, so you need to keep in mind that you need to be in charge.

The Dalmatian is a dog who was bred to run along side carriages for protection and lead the fire trucks when they were pulled by horses. These handsome spotted dogs will happily run mile after mile as you roller blade or bike. They are very high energy dogs, so if they don’t get plenty of exercise, they may not be a good choice for you.

An unexpected choice for long trip camping is the Cattle Dog. These dogs were bred in Australia to herd and live out with cattle. They are hardy, tough dogs. They also are very energetic and smart. About 45 – 60lbs as an adult, they are not too large if they need to be transported.

Of course, a Labrador is the perfect choice for any water sport. But the Standard Poodle is also a great choice. Originally bred as a hunting dog to retrieve game from the water, these high energy, smart dogs love to engage with people and swim.

Do you play outside all winter? The Malamute, Husky or Samoyed, are, of course, great choices for the colder months. All three of these breeds are working dogs with high energy and warm coats. Perfect for skijoring, sled dog racing, or winter hiking.

Any breed will work with you and your chosen activity, but to have one that is genetically predisposed will make it both easier and more fun for both of you!