Bored during this Stay at home time?   We have ideas and solutions for your pet and you!

Bored during this Stay at home time? We have ideas and solutions for your pet and you!

The first few days of this stay at home time seemed like a bit of a vacation, lots of free time to do all kinds of fun things.  Then, it became a good time to clean and binge watch some great shows.  Now it seems like it is time to get back to our “normal”.   But it isn’t time quite yet!  So now, what do we do?  Below are some ideas for your pet and for your family!

Let’s start with the pets.  We know they have had their paws walked off lately.  We are all going outside as much as we can, which is probably more than normal, and of course, we take our dog(s)!  It might be good to realize if you haven’t been walking your dog regularly, you need to start slow!  You may have been exercising leading up to this at home time, but your dog may not have been.  He needs to go short and slow.

You can make a puzzle out of things you have around the house for pet entertainment, dog or cat.  You can play treasure hunt, hide her favorite toys and ask her to find them in the order you ask for them.  You can play hide and seek.  Ask him to stay, or have someone hold him, you hide and then let him come and find you!  Make a treat puzzle out of a torn tennis ball.  Our Nibbles are the perfect size for this.  Cats love to pounce on unseen things.  Simply put a string or rope under a towel and slowly pull it out the other side, the playing will begin!

Now, onto the people idea!  Did you know that coloring is not only fun and entertaining, but good for you?  According to the Mayo Clinic, "Coloring is a great way to relax. But besides that, experts have noticed coloring helps you be mindful. Mindfulness, in its most basic form, is the ability to focus and stay in the moment. For example, because you’re focusing on color choice and staying inside the lines, you’re only thinking about the present moment.  It’s not often we focus solely on the moment we’re in, because we’re usually thinking about the past or future, which can provoke anxiety.”  And this is especially true during this stay at home time we are in.

We made a coloring scene for the people part of your household who need some entertainment! 
Please click here to access it  

We are running a contest on our Facebook page, Print the coloring scene, color it and post it on our Facebook page.  (You must like the page to participate).  Once a week until this stay at home time is over, we will choose a winner and mail a one pound bag of Nibbles right to your house!

So, play with your dog and cat; print, color, and post the coloring page on the NWAT Facebook page. You may win some Nibbles, and at the least you will have had a better day!

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