Elk Antlers - XXL

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Product Description

We are proud to offer our own branded Elk Antlers Chew Toy For Dogs. They come direct to us from a third-generation elk farm in Colorado and they cut them when we order them. It is important to know where your dog’s chew toys come from these days and who stands behind them.

Why choose and antler chew for your dog?

  • They are all natural, cut from Elk racks, which are shed each year. No added anything!
  • They are long lasting.
  • When cut the way we offer them, they are less apt to chip or splinter than other chews made of rawhide or typical bones.
  • Antlers are a good source of calcium and other naturally occurring minerals.
  • They have no odor and will not stain the carpet.
  • They are sourced and cut in the USA.

As with any chew, do not leave the dog unattended while chewing the antler. When the antler gets close to being small enough for the dog to attempt to swallow it, remove it from the dog and replace with a new North Woods Animal Treats Antler Chew!

The antlers are one of a kind, so each one is a bit different in shape, weight and color.  We classify ours as XL and XXL. The XL elk antlers are an average of 8" in length and an average of 9.25 ounces.  The XXL antlers are an average of 9" in length and an average of 20 ounces.  That is 1.25 lbs of antler!  The XXL are for the big, super tough chewers for sure!

Dog Customer Reviews:

"We have a Tibetan Mastiff, Beau weighs 156lbs. He needs a super large chew and this one fits the bill. We only buy antlers from you, they are long lasting and he loves to chew them.”


"Our 3 black lab retrievers (Bodhi-our 2 1/2 year old boy, and Jackie & Sammie-our 10 month old girls) absolutely love your elk antlers, they are always chomping on them, it was time for a fresh batch for them to enjoy."