--- Dogs ---

Dog Treats and Products loved by dogs around the world.  Here's what some happy dog owners say about our products.

"Bear, our dog, was happy also! He loves it when the orders come in, he thinks they are sent to him the way he hovers over the boxes. He sampled the goodies and loved them all!"

"The gray dog is Rutgers, our dog. The black dog is named Higgins, and lives next door. Both dogs loved the treats! Thank you very much."

"Lucy is a hard working service dog, and she deserves the best. We only buy her North Woods Animal Treats. She just loves them! "

"Cinnamon simply does not eat treats. I brought a bear home because it was so cute, I couldn't resist it. And to my amazement, she gobbled it up! We buy bears regularly now, and are going to try a peppermint pine next week."

"Thank you for making these treats. I received them for my dog at Christmas from a family member and she loves them! After reading the packaging, I was all the more impressed as I have another family member who works in a sheltered workshop. These cookies are really special and I will be buying more of them!"