Tiny Treats

tiny-treats.jpgNorth Woods Animal Tiny Treats come to market as a result of our customer’s requests! For the dog who needs a soft treat due to dental challenges, age, or just preference, we now have 3 different flavors of treats to fill the bill!

Additionally we offer 2 crunchy tiny treats for the “tiny” dog, or the dog that would like a treat, but needs it to be tiny in the calorie department. The crunchy treats make fantastic training treats.

Of course, they are all natural, made with human grade ingredients and are baked by hand in small batches.

Tiny Treats are uniquely packaged in clear, reusable plastic tubes. The tube is easy to reseal, and can hold all kinds of things once your dog has enjoyed all the treats.

Your best friend will love his Tiny Treats!

Ingredients used in each treat:

Soft Cheddar
Oatmeal, Honey, Soybean Oil, Rice Flour, Dried Cheddar Cheese, Flax, Yogurt, Dried Whole Egg, Natural Cheese Flavor.

Soft Pumpkin Pie
Oatmeal, Honey, Soybean Oil, Flax, Pumpkin, Rice Flour, Soy Flour, Whey, Dried Whole Egg, Cinnamon, Ginger, Allspice, Cloves.

Soft Bacon and Egg
Oatmeal, Honey, Soybean Oil, Rice Flour, Dried Cheddar Cheese, Flax, Dried Whey, Whole Dried Egg, Natural Bacon Flavoring.

Crunchy Peanut Butter
Rye Flour, Rice Flour, Apple Sauce, Barley Flakes, Oatmeal, Natural Peanut Butter, Flax, Honey, Rice Bran.

Crunchy Liver 
Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Soybean Oil, Whole Dried Egg, Dried Poultry Liver, Baking Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Color

"These tiny treats are a great size. They fit easily into a pocket and are one bite.
Perfect for getting those ears up during in-hand classes."