​Where do indoor cats like to sleep and why?

​Where do indoor cats like to sleep and why?

North Woods Animal Treats on May 7th 2024

Cats are creatures of habits, or of no habits at all. They are tricky creatures to figure out. Their wants can change at the drop of a hat, and as a good cat mom or dad, you know your job is to constantly try to figure out what will please them at every moment.

One of the most important aspects of a cat’s day is the sleeping portion. Cats sleep a lot. According to Sleep.org, "cats sleep and average of 12 - 16 hours a day and even more as kittens and as they get older". So, you can see how important it is to make sure your cat has a place to sleep that is safe and that he feels comfortable in.

Many cats, both wild and domestic, like to sleep up high. This could be on a shelf or the top of a dresser. Cats in general like to be higher up than not. They can see further and feel a sense of security as it will be harder for a predator to sneak up on them. They also seem to prefer to sleep in a semi enclosed, or even totally enclosed area. This may be a cardboard box. In fact, you can almost guarantee it will be a cardboard box if you have just spent 300.00 on a beautiful cat bed.

Sleeping with you, under the covers or on top of the bed is also a favorite place for cats to sleep. This may mean they feel safe and secure with you, or it could mean you are providing some more warmth. Either way, this seems like a win - win situation!

As the sun moves around your house and it comes in different windows, your cat will often move to follow the sun for daytime sleeping. More warmth equals less energy spent by your kitty keeping warm.

If your house has more than one pet in it, your cat(s) will likely sleep with the other animals in the house. It’s like having more than one electric blanket for your cat! Usually, a warm kitty is a purry kitty.

They almost always like a quiet, out of the way area, like a corner or a closet, someplace where they won’t be disturbed.

Your cat doesn’t necessarily need a bed, a fuzzy polar tech throw or a sheep skin or just out of the dry flannel sheets all work beautifully. Of course, a cat bed made from soft materials is a great way to go also!

If you decide you want your cat to sleep in a certain place, one way to entice him is to put some cat nip in his bed. Cat nip is an attractant and if your cat likes cat nip, (some don’t), he will go to and hang around where the cat nip is. You can get some of our awesome cat nip here! 

You can tell you are in a home with cats living in it if when you visit, you see all kinds of special places with special beds set up, usually there will be 3 or 4 for a 1 cat household. After all, they rule and our job is to serve them to the best of our abilities and that includes the perfect option for sleeping!