Barkers Dozen, 12 Months

Barkers Dozen, 12 Months
Product Code: bark-doz-12-mo
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Price: $250.56

A full year’s worth of treats delivered right to the door! Take the stress out of remembering to purchase treats when you are out. The dog who is lucky enough to get this will be waiting with mouth open and paw up!

  • First month - Parmesan Moose
  • Second month - Peanut Butter Bears
  • Third month - Trail Mix Trout
  • Fourth month - Peppermint Pines
  • Fifth month - Bacon and Egg Bones
  • Sixth month – Parmesan Moose
  • Seventh month – Peanut Butter Bears
  • Eighth month – Trail Mix Trout
  • Ninth month – Peppermint Pines
  • Tenth month – Bacon and Egg Bones
  • Eleventh month – Parmesan Moose
  • Twelfth month – Peanut Butter Bears

Price: $20.88 per month

Total price of $250.56, plus shipping. Your credit card will be charged for the entire price at once.

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