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Barkers Dozen, 3 months
Give a Barkers Dozen to a friends pet or your own for three consecutive months. Treats, treats, and ..
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Barkers Dozen, 6 Months
Half a year of treats which arrive automatically. Whoever is receiving will think of you each month!..
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Barkers Dozen, 9 Months
Your dog will love having fresh treats for the next nine months! First month - Parmesan Moose ..
Barkers Dozen, 12 Months
A full year’s worth of treats delivered right to the door! Take the stress out of remembering to pur..
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Nibbles, 3 Months
Send a one pound bag of hypoallergenic Nibbles to a small dog, a dog who needs a hypoallergenic prod..
Nibbles, 6 Months
A 1 lb bag of Nibbles will arrive automatically to the door of a lucky dog for six months. How loved..
Nibbles, 9 Months
Receive a one pound bag of Nibbles or send a 1 lb bag of Nibbles for 9 months. This is for a special..
Nibbles, 12 Months
For a whole year, a one pound bag of Nibbles will be delivered to the door each month. Does it get a..
Nickers, 12 Month Gift Club
Here is a great way to lower your stress, or your friend's stress. Know you will always have wonderf..
Nickers and Nibbles Gift Club
We have been asked for a gift club to take care of those of you who have both dogs and horses. ..
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