Expanded Pet Representation

Pets "The pet category is so hot - and not much else is - that all kinds of retail outlets, including drugstores, convenience stores and nutritional stores are looking at the department as a potential savior to their bottom lines." Says Nora Caley in The Pet Aisle.

"Many stores are stocking up on items that can be spontaneous incremental purchases. We are seeing expanded pet representation, especially in toys and TREATS. Category managers are beginning to recognize the significant growth, in both gross dollars and margin that the pet treat category has to offer. Also, considering TREAT items are impulse driven, they can capitalize on the consumer already being in their stores, creating category awareness and offering convenience simultaneously"

North Woods Animal Treats is the perfect opportunity to help you increase your bottom line! Call us today to get started!

Introducing our new Display Crate of Cat Nip!

Catnip, single containerThe cat nip that comes in the Nip n’ Toy is really something special. We have been asked and asked to sell it in its own container. Here it is! 0.2 ounces of our all natural, premium cat nip comes in each container. There are 38 containers of cat nip in each hand made pine display crate.

The cat nip can also be ordered as a refill, if you don’t want the display crate.

Don’t miss an impulse sale for the over 93 million cat owners out there, some of whom are visiting your store!

cat nip

From a customer...

nickers 1lb bag

"Love the product, it is adorable! The packaging is great also!"

- Fuddy Duddy's in Owego, NY.