"Catnip has made a big impression on the pet industry, and every store should stock lots of in in many different forms. Catnip is a tremendously important item in the pet industry, as it can be sold to cat customers for a variety of reasons. When catnip is combined with toys, (such as Nip n' Toy), it creates an added interest for the cat.

For cats, the biggest benefit of play is exercise and the resulting fitness. The health benefits of exercise are more easily obtainable when catnip is used as a tool to help entice the sometimes less than active cat. Planned play periods can also have a huge affect on the human animal bond, strengthening the relationship between the two.

The catnip used with toys to encourage more interactive play with also help with curbing disruptive behaviors, such as pouncing, jumping and biting, as well as the scratching of furniture, drapery and walls. Catnip toys represent the most common use of the catnip product for consumers. Stock heavily on catnip toys- they all sell well."

From Pet Business, September 08.

Pet Industry is 2nd Fastest Growing Retail Sector

Treats!The Pet industry is expected to remain the fastest growing consumer retail sector after electronics, according to investment banking firm The Mercanti Group.

In a new report, Mercanti says that the driver within the industry's steady, basic growth remains pet owners with high wages. That group is increasing spending on high end foods, treats and other items and services.

North Woods Animal Treats is proud to introduce new and improved point of sale support material for the display crates!

New CardThe new display header cards highlight the fact that the treats are all natural, gives the store a place to put the price of each cookie, has a silhouette of a dog, and also includes a phrase designed to help move the consumer to purchase some treats!

New crateWe have had great feedback on the new look! If you are a customer, have display crates, and would like new headers, please let us know, we will get them right out to you!