Don't Forget Your Dog!

From an article in Pet Business, the Feb. 10 issue, by Dan Headrick.

"Think about the treat and chew category: low price points, high margins, repeat business and great packaging that offers unique merchandising opportunities. And while the tighening grip of the recession may force many pet owners to buy less expensive food than they otherwise might, they can still buy high-quality, high-value treats without breaking the budget. Indeed, for many retail operators, treats and chews might merit a second look to determine weather the allocation of space ought to be increased..... And then there is the love. Just as our beloved canine companions want to please, pet owners also want to give back. A quick pass along the treats, for many customers, is a satisfying cap to a long day at work when they come home to be greeted by their best friend..... Treats and chews also demand less shelf space. That means a retailer can generate volume sales at levels few other product categories can and at the all-important repeat business frequency...... By thier very nature, treats and chews generate repeat business, don't miss out. In addition to keep impulse buying at a healthy level, keep a selection on the counter."

North Woods Animal Treats helps remind your customers with some great POS materials. We ship each new order with some powerful shelf talkers that draw attention to the fact that your store offers a great treat for their dog, and the customer will remember - "Don't Forget Your Dog!".

Let North Woods Animal Treats help your customers indulge their pets and leave their dollars in your store!

"It's all about differentiation - anything that has a pop or a wow factor" said Dr. Greg Aldrich, a nutritionist who consults with and formulates pet food and treats for major manufacturers.

Specialty treats sell well because consumers continue to search out high quality, safe and healthful products that contain natural and human grade ingredients, according to a report issued by Packaged Facts, a division of

The shaped North Woods treats take care of both these areas. They have a pop/wow factor and they are high quality, human grade safe ingredients.

David Lummis, Senior pet market analyst for Packaged Facts sayes, "While people are cutting back, treats are a little more of an affordable indulgence. You still want to pamper you pet with premium treats."


From a new store owner:

"I received your nibbles yesterday...They were great!! I taste-tested them on my Maltese she adored them. Well i am going to see how they go at the store and I definitely would like to work with you again."

- Kaitlin