Millions of Cat Owners

Cat enjoying Nip n ToyAccording to the American Pet Products Association, "there are over 93 MILLION cats owned in the United States!"

Don't forget that cat owners want to buy for their kitty cats! Nip n' Toy is a unique, natural, raw sheep's wool ball with a bell in it. Then it is placed into premium cat nip, what more could a cat want?

New! Nip n' Toy

Nip n ToyWe are proud to announce the addition Nip n' Toy for your customers who own cats!

Each bag contains a hand made woolen ball. The toy is made from all natural, non dyed wool. The balls are durable and washable. The cats just love them! The ball is surrounded by 3/4oz. of the highest quality catnip available. It is triple cleaned leaves and buds.

There are 12 Nip n' Toy bags in one ship box.

Email Jean today for pricing and ordering information.

Where to put North Woods Animal Treats?

Pine Tree Crate Photo"Treat purchases are often made on impulse. Rarely are pet owners going out to the store specifically to purchase treats. More often than not, they're picking these items up when they come across an interesting product during their trip to a store." Give these product prominence int he store by utilizing end cap, floor and counter displays."

North Woods Animal Treats come in a hand made unfinished pine display crate. There is nothing in the pet industry like this display. Take advantage of it, put it on the counter, and watch your treat sales grow!

From Pet Business, September 08.