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Sales Add Up With Fun, Brainy Toys

Article from Pet Product News, March 2012

Cat!"Fun, engaging toys that keep pets active are gaining ground in the pet-owning world in general, and among cat owners in particular. The segment is steadily growing as new, innovative toys are introduced to meet pet owners needs."

"People are looking for anything that can help them give their cats exercise and the curiosity to keep moving. They just want something that their cats will enjoy."

Our Nip n' Toy does just that! The cats love the different tactile feel of the real wool ball. Add premium cat nip to the wool ball and you have a toy that is hard to beat!

Your customers and their cats will love it!

Pooch Profits

Pet Business is Booming!

Empty Display Crate There's one set of consumers who seem to be weathering the recession well - and although they're not talking, you may want to keep them in mind if you looking for new merchandise line for your business.

Marketing research company Mintel reports that the pet industry will increase by 33 percent over the next five years, from $50.8 billion in 2011 to $67.7 billion in 2016. This includes the basics - food and vet care - as well as all the extras, such as toys, TREATS, and even apparel. And those extras are often a reflection of the interests and tastes of those who are actually paying the bill. As Mintel analyst Fiona O'Donnell told Marketing Daily, "While humans are not the end user of pet products, they are the ones making the purchase decisions, so it makes sense that products are developed with humans in mind as much as animals." Pet gifts have grown like crazy in recent years. If you haven't considered adding a pet section, not might be the time. From Smart Retailer, Feb. 2012.

North Woods Animal Treats fits the bill perfectly

We have fun shapes for the buyer, wonderful quality products for the pet, innovative gifts for all occasions, and a cat toy found no where else!