Center of Hope

center of hopeWe are very proud to support and employ The Center of Hope, a workshop for challenged adults.The Center of Hope was founded in 1956. At that time a small group of parents thought their children could accomplish more that what was being currently offered through the public institutions. In response to this situation, parents and business people concerned about the need for continued training and educational opportunities for developmentally disabled adults formed The Center of Hope. 50 years later, the organization supports many programs, and thousands of individuals."

The Center of Hope workshop provides assessment, skills training, job placement, and follow ā€“ up services to disabled adults. Businesses, like North Woods Animal Treats, assist by providing products and materials to be processed at the workshop. This employment provides for real work skills training for the clients in a real work environment.

The people who are employed at The Center of Hope workshop live in the community. They have disabilities of varying degrees, but enjoy working and helping to support themselves. The attendance rate is 95%!

The employees shrink wrap, label, and prepare North Woods Animal Treats for shipment. They do everything except bake the cookies.

Your purchase of North Woods Animal Treats helps to train, employ and support the clients of The Center of Hope workshop. Great products and a good cause.